What is your education and training? What degree did you obtain?

You can find that all in the About Me section. The only trainings not yet added are those in shamanic practices.

What kind of license do you have?

I am a Marriage and Family Therapy Registered Associate. This means I am obtaining the needed hours to be titled an LMFT and am overseen by a supervisor.

How long have you been providing therapy?

I’m at the end of my fourth year now.

How much experience do you have treating my issues/concerns?

This depends on the concern; I do not list anything as an area of focus that I have not had experience in treating to at least a moderate degree.

How long will therapy last?

It depends on the client and the concerns/severity of issues at hand. Some clients like to keep coming in for monthly sessions even after they’ve “graduated” i.e. depth therapy style. This is totally fine too.

What will sessions be like?

I try to craft each session based on what you come in with while keeping your goals in mind. I tend to put the option for dreamwork at the forefront, but it really depends on what you arriving with.

The models I frequent can be found here and under “my approach” here.

I can accurately say sessions are loosely structured.

How often are sessions?

I typically recommend weekly to biweekly to start out.

Do you offer medication management or formal psychological assessments?

No, a psychiatrist would be the best go-to for that.

Do you take insurance? How are fees and no-shows handled?

Yes, I currently am an out-of-network provider with Care Oregon. These questions are answered extensively on this page.

Can I work you if I am out of state? May I simply get herbal recommendations/insights?

Not in regards to therapy services, but I could work with you as a wellness coach or relationship coach. Pricing is the same. Coaching does not replace therapy, however we can pull from a wider range of healing modalities with coaching.

Yes! I currently offer my growing knowledge herbal medicine as a form of mutual aid. Sometimes I gift my excess medicines as well. This is separate from EVOKE–my therapy business. Feel free to DM me on Instagram; the link is at the bottom on the page.