About Me

  • Marriage and Family Therapist Associate
  • Herbalist Apprentice in Sacred Plant Medicine at Gaia School of Healing
  • Registered Yoga Teacher – Vinyasa & Hatha
  • Reiki Master -Traditional Usui

Additional Trainings & Workshops

  • Transpersonal Therapy
  • Ecotherapy
  • Jungian Dream Analysis and Symbolism
  • Jungian Somatics
  • Narrative Therapy Yearlong Intensive
  • Sex Therapy
  • Domestic Abuse and Interpersonal Violence
  • Gambling Addiction Trainings required to certify as a CGAC

My Story

I grew up in East Los Angeles and was drawn towards the healing path via the influence of Mexican folk medicine. From a young age, I felt gravitated to work with all living beings on a deeper level.

It was shortly after I began studying zen buddhism alongside yogic pratices that I stumbled upon what I now know as dream analysis, and the rest is history.

In my off-time, I like to ride horses, travel, thrift for interior design projects, watch horror b-films, explore music, meditate and continually attempt to keep my mint plants alive.

My Approach

My style of therapy is holistic and multidimensional, yet evidence-based. During the therapeutic process, I may incorporate traditional talk therapy, mindfulness, dream and shadow work, connection to nature, artistic exploration, spirituality, and existential experience. I also intertwine modalities such as meditation, breathwork, and yoga, with energetic healing and neurobiological sciences. Where you are at is meaningful; I will meet you there and honor your unique unfolding internal process.

I’m also not a “fluff” therapist; I’m not afraid to gently challenge, joke, or be transparent about my own life experiences. I’m often brimming with information; kind of like a human encyclopedia with a sprinkle of curse words. I’m a big believer of “homework” and bibliotherapy, as I believe change is self-facilitated.

As an herbal apprentice, I will sometimes offer clients the option to incorporate knowledge of plant medicine into our work, this is entirely optional. Disclaimer: Any suggestions given are not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment

Diversity as Key

Diversity and authenticity are essential to becoming who we truly are. As a mixed-race person and gender fluid being, I will aim to hold the same safe and inclusive spaces that I would expect in therapy during our journey together. I welcome you here with an open mind & heart.

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