My name is Danièla, but you can call me Dani.

Let’s get the credentials out of the way:
  • Marriage and Family Therapist Associate
  • Registered Yoga Teacher – Vinyasa & Hatha
  • Reiki Master -Traditional Usui
  • Herbalist Apprentice studying Sacred Plant Medicine

Additional Trainings & Workshops

  • Spirituality
  • Ecotherapy
  • Jungian Dream Analysis and Symbolism
  • Jungian Somatics
  • Narrative Therapy Yearlong Intensive
  • Sex Therapy
  • Domestic Abuse and Interpersonal Violence
  • Gambling Addiction Trainings required to certify as a CGAC

And as for the more fun, personal deets:

On my off-time, I like to ride horses, travel, thrift for interior design projects, watch horror b-films, hit up punk gigs, practice divination, change my hair too often, meditate and continually attempt to keep my mint plants alive.

My Approach

My style of therapy is holistic and multidimensional, yet evidence-based. During the therapeutic process, I may incorporate traditional talk therapy, mindfulness, dream and shadow work, connection to nature, artistic exploration, spirituality, and existential experience. I also intertwine modalities such as meditation, breathwork, and yoga, with energetic healing and neurobiological sciences. Where you are at is meaningful; I will meet you there and honor your unique unfolding internal process.

I’m also not a “fluff” therapist; I’m not afraid to gently challenge, joke, or be transparent about my own life experiences. I’m often brimming with information; kind of like a human encyclopedia with a sprinkle of curse words. I’m a big believer of “homework” and bibliotherapy, as I believe change is self-facilitated.

Diversity as Key

Diversity and authenticity are essential to becoming who we truly are. As a mixed-race person and gender fluid being, I will aim to hold the same safe and inclusive spaces that I would expect in therapy during our journey together. I welcome you here with an open mind & heart.

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